A Better Home and Garden by way of the Best Fridley Asphalt Contractor

A Fridley florist was finishing up an outdoor season when she realized the asphalt surface where much of the outdoor portions of the store were located was looking rather beat up. This area of her gardening retail space was where she could display outdoor plants daily, and between the water, heat, and the traffic from customers the asphalt was starting to look unattractive and ragged. She always provided the best flowers and plants for the residents of Fridley, and she wanted the customers that visited her establishment to know that their safety is always important, so she called the best Fridley asphalt contractor around, Asphalt Associates.

We informed the customer that we would be able to get her parking lot back in good shape, and for the next season. Our asphalt crew arrived at the location and began to repair and patch the areas in the parking lot that needed attention. After we had finished the patching we performed sealcoating on the parking lot. The parking lot looked like a new one had just been installed because of our outstanding work. Asphalt Associates provided full contractor services and repaired, patched, and coated the parking lot so the florist would have it ready for next year. Asphalt Associates is the asphalt contractor Fridley businesses contact for all their parking lot repairs, maintenance, and installations. Asphalt Associates is dedicated to details. Our professional team provides Fridley customers with solutions that will provide achieve longer life for their parking lots, and that is why Asphalt Associates is a leader in the asphalt industry.