A Hazardous Asphalt Parking Lot Repaired in Edina

Our customer in Edina called us to fix the old asphalt in their parking lot. The potholes and cracks were creating a safety hazard for the customers and it needed to be done as soon as possible. Our customer said they needed us to come out to give an estimate as soon as possible. After they agreed, we removed and replaced the deteriorating asphalt and installed class 5 base material and grade for proper drainage. We compacted the material to the proper density and installed MNDOT Spec asphalt, then rolled that to proper compaction. Once this was done, we restriped the parking lot. We worked around with his schedules to get this job completed in a timely manner.

Our customer told us he was happy with the final result. He said we were a crew that was easy to work with and that the parking lot looks really nice! Click here to view a complete list of our Edina asphalt services.

Edina asphalt parking lot Edina asphalt parking lot