Asphalt Paving in Oakdale Creates Opportunities for Coffee Shop

We were contacted recently by a coffee shop owner in Oakdale. The coffee shop owner was looking for excellent Oakdale asphalt paving services because it was getting way more traffic ever since introducing some new seasonal drinks that everyone was really enjoying. He contacted Asphalt Associates and our professional crew arrived at the coffee shop to start the paving services.

Our crew needed to do some needed repairs that included sealcoating and restriping. The crew first cleaned the parking lot to remove any dirt and debris from the parking lot. This will ensure that the sealcoating would be applied to the parking lot effectively. There were no cracks or potholes, so the crew started the sealcoating process. The crew finished the sealcoating, then returned the next morning to start restriping the parking spaces. We use the latest equipment, so we can provide the best professional striping that every business depends on. The parking lot repairs were made and the coffee shop owner was overjoyed with the quality work that the crew provided for him. He invited each crew member to enjoy a nice, delicious cup of specialty coffee so he could show his appreciation of their hard work and dedication. He said that he would be telling all his customers that Asphalt Associates was the professional asphalt paving company that provided all the parking lot services and if anyone needed any asphalt paving in Oakdale to contact Asphalt Associates because we are the best in the industry.