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Asphalt Associates is your leading commercial Bloomington Asphalt Contractor. Local businesses have to have a parking lot that is free from potholes, cracks, and debris. The business owners look to an asphalt company who is experienced, trained, and able to keep their parking lot in tip, top shape. We are the asphalt specialist that  business owners call for parking lot repair and maintenance. Asphalt Associates has over twenty five years of experience and dedication in parking lot paving. We are fully insured, and bonded, so our customers are always protected. We can make your parking lot successful with our services.

Parking Lot Maintenance and Installation Services:

Bloomington - Asphalt Associates MNWe understand that your parking lot is a big investment. If your parking lot is worn out and needs a lift, then our parking lot paving and repairs is what you need. We offer a wide variety of parking lot paving and repair services, which include:

Asphalt Associates offers parking lot maintenance that includes sweeping, cleaning, and snow removal. If you notice a crack in your parking lot, then our qualified team will go through paving and repair options. We also offer a variety of sealcoating services to meet all of our customer’s needs. We have a parking lot sealing service specially designed for your parking lot.

Bloomington, Minnesota

Bloomington, Minnesota has a population of 82,893, and is the fifth largest city in the state, and is just ten miles from Minneapolis. Bloomington was founded in 1843, and incorporated in 1858. The name means, “Flowering Field,” and is home to The Mall of America. The Mall of America has over five hundred and twenty stores, fifty restaurants, and its very own amusement park. The Mall of America is the largest family entertainment and mall in the United States.

Residents and visitors love to visit Hyland Lake Play Area in town. The Hyland Lake Play Area has slides, hexagonal climbs and platforms, swings, and so much more. The play area has a fireplace and skiing in the winter months along with concession stands too. The Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge is a great place to visit, too. The wildlife refuge features exhibits, rare bird watching, hiking, biking, skiing, picnics, and a beautiful scenery. There is so many things to see and do in Bloomington. Visitors will need to make sure they stay more than one day to see all the exciting things in this city.

Asphalt Associates is the asphalt experts that businesses in Bloomington, Minnesota can depend on. We have an eye for details. We make sure that our customers are 100% completely satisfied with our asphalt services, or we make it right. We are reliable, honest, and experienced. We thrive on providing quality parking lot and paving services for all businesses in Bloomington. If your parking lot needs any repairs, then contact us today.

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Bloomington Infrared Patching Fixes 35 Potholes

In Bloomington, our customer had a safety issue for people walking in the parking lots and vehicles becoming damaged after hitting the potholes. They called us to do some infrared patching on the lots. When we arrived at the site, we found 35 different potholes that needed to be patched throughout one parking lot! We got in there and completed the tasks he was asking for in a timely manner. Our customer was happy with the ending results and said, “thank you for a job well done! I enjoyed working with your crew.”

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