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All business owners understand to keep customers visiting their business they have to have a safe, clean, and attractive parking lot. That’s why they trust us as their first choice for an asphalt contractor in Maplewood. A pothole is an accident waiting to happen. When a crack is sighted on a parking lot, business owners call our company because we can offer affordable and effective parking lot repair and paving. We are a a family-owned and operated business that understands the importance of a healthy parking lot, and they offer a variety of options to assist business in having that with their parking lot.

Parking Lot Maintenance and Repair Services

Maplewood, MN Asphalt AssociatesWe offer a wide range of parking lot paving services, which include:

Our parking lot sealing services.

We exclusively offer Ultraseal sealcoating, which is environmentally safe and friendly, and this sealcoating will help the pavement last longer. The Ultraseal sealcoating is slip resistant, which is excellent for parking lots.  We also offer hot pour crack sealing, which involves installation of hot pour crack sealant, and will immediately seal and fill all cracks in parking lots.

We can seal your parking lot without disrupting your business. We understand the importance of conducting business, and our crew can perform sealcoating quickly and effectively.

Maplewood, Minnesota

Maplewood, Minnesota has a population of 38,018. The city was incorporated in 1957, and is just ten minutes from St. Paul. Maplewood is home to many big companies. The 3M Corporation is located in here along with the Maplewood Mall. The mall is one of the top six malls in the United States.

The city has a rich heritage. The city is over one hundred and fifty years old. In 1850, several families made this city their home. The city has grown from just those few families, and Downtown has been restored to resemble the earlier times. Downtown is one area of the city that offers a lot to do. There are many local merchants, antiques, and diners. Visitors can spend the afternoon downtown, and have plenty of things to do. If you would like to spend time outdoors, then be relieved that this town offers over twenty different parks where fishing, swimming, hockey, ice skating, hiking, picnicking, and much more can be done. The beauty of the city can be found anywhere throughout the city.

Asphalt Associates has been providing asphalt services to Maplewood, Minnesota residents for over twenty five years. We have made it our mission to make sure all parking lots are safe and attractive. We can do this for your parking lot too. If you are experiencing a faulty parking lot, or a parking lot that you are not proud of, then contact us today. Our trained asphalt crews will come out and look over your parking lot, then give you solutions that you can afford.

Maplewood Parking Lot Paving Improves Lot

In Maplewood, our customer had deteriorated asphalt and needed the base to be reshaped and repaved. This would result in improved drainage and eliminate trip hazards. We were able to put them on a schedule rather quickly and had great communication with them. We came out and removed the old asphalt, excavated the area as needed and installed a class 5 base material, which was then compacted. We repaired the catch basin and installed new asphalt that was also compacted. Afterwards, we re-striped the parking lot. Our customers loved our work and thought we did a great job! Our customer was very happy with our work. Check out the photos below!

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