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We’re happy to serve as a depentable asphalt contractor in Minneapolis. Businesses know that having a great first impression starts with their parking lot. The parking lot must be free of pot holes, be maintained, and safe for their customers. Businesses call upon our services for all their parking lot sealing and repairs. We have been providing local businesses with over twenty five years of dedicated asphalt experience. We have custom solutions for all parking lot problems. We are the best asphalt provider in town, and have been named as one of the nation’s top asphalt contractors.

Parking Lot Paving and Repair Services

Phot of Minneapolis MN - Asphalt AssociatesWe offer complete parking lot paving and repair services:

Our parking lot paving and repairs are performed by qualified and experienced technicians. We are passionate about asphalt, and stick by our motto, “We Are Dedicated to Details”. We back all our paving and repairs with a customer satisfaction. If you’re not happy, then we make sure to make you happy.

Parking Lot Sealing and Sealcoating

We specialize in UltraSeal Sealcoating. UltraSeal sealcoating is environmentally friendly. This type of sealcoating that we offer will help your parking lot to last longer, and your parking lot will look new again. The UltraSeal sealcoating is slip resistant, so the parking lot will be safer for your customers, which can lower high insurance costs. Asphalt Associates has been providing sealcoating for businesses throughout Minneapolis for over twenty five years.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis, Minnesota has a population of 400,070, and is the largest city in Minnesota. It was incorporated in 1867, and was founded by John H. Stevens and Franklin Steele. the city is surrounded by twenty lakes, creeks and waterfalls. Five Fortune 500 companies located in the city. Target, Ameriprise Financial, Thrivent Financial, Xcel Energy, and United States Bancorp are all located in Minneapolis.

To get a glimpse of the city, the Taste Twin Cities guided tour is recommended. The Taste Twin Cities guided tour offers three hours of excitement. The tour allows visitors to sample foods from five different top restaurants in town, then seeing the tallest building in the city, the oldest street, the Mill City Museum, and much more. The walking tour is over three hours long, and the perfect way to enjoy and experience this great city.

The city features their very own Farmers Market. There are over seventeen farmers markets located throughout the city along with crafts, gifts, and local merchants selling unique items. This is a city that offers a bit of adventure, nightlife, and the outdoors. The residents welcome all visitors to their city.

Minneapolis resources. http://www.minneapolis.org/


Our Prosite Audit Process

This is a great video showing all of the ways our work can benefit your property. Be sure to call us for more info!

Drive Thru Needs Asphalt Repair in Minneapolis

Recently Asphalt Associates was contacted by a fast food restaurant owner in Minneapolis. The fast food restaurant is a customer that we had serviced for previously for Minneapolis asphalt repairs. The customer explained that the reason he was calling us back so soon was because there was an accident in their drive through, and several dangerous cracks had formed that he was concerned with. He asked if we could come out ASAP to give him an estimate. We provided him an estimate, then did the sealing in a single day so as not to interrupt the business.
The customer said the estimate was fine and he said he already knew the type of work that we provided, but his main concern was could we do the repairs quickly because he couldn’t afford closing (even for a day!). The Asphalt Associates crew let him know that would be no problem and returned the following morning and started getting the drive thru prepped for sealcoating. The crew first filled the extensive cracks, then applied the sealcoating. We wrapped up the asphalt repair in Minneapolis that afternoon. The customer thanked the crew as they were packing the equipment up for doing another great job for him. He said he would contact us again, but hopefully not too soon to do any more quality Minneapolis asphalt repairs for his fast food business. The customer must have been very happy, because he to,d us he would be using our services again in the future.

Local Business Renovation Needs Top Minneapolis Asphalt Company

A bowling alley in our area was renovating and adding a bar. They had a large investment and decided they needed services from the best asphalt company in Minneapolis to improve their parking lot, so they called Asphalt Associates to provide an estimate. We met with the owners and looked over their current parking lot. We gave them several different options for the owners, which included patching, an overlay, and a hot-pour crack sealing. We explained what each service would provide for them and gave them a bid for each one. The owners decided that they wanted to have the hot pour crack sealing done because one of the main problems in the parking lot was a ton of cracks, and the price we gave them was within their budget.

The Asphalt Associates crew arrived at the Minneapolis bowling alley and started the asphalt work. We used a special machine that cleans the cracks and pavements along with routs the asphalt. The machine will remove all dirt and debris, then we apply a mixture of hot pour crack sealant that will effectively seal all the cracks so moisture and water will not be able to enter anymore. The crew returned the next day to apply sealcoating, then the parking lot looked like we had just installed a new one for the customers. The customers were in awe when they saw the parking lot. They both said that Asphalt Associates did an excellent job repairing the parking lot and making it look brand new.

Estimate Provided for Asphalt Paving in Minneapolis

We were called by an owner of a warehouse that had a potential tenant who was thinking to start a brewery and tap house. The tenant needed an estimate on what the Minneapolis asphalt paving could cost for the parking lot, so they called Asphalt Associates to provide the information. Two of our top asphalt experts asked the tenant when it would be a good time for us to meet with him to give him an estimate, and he gave us a date and time. We arrived to blow him away with our asphalt knowledge. It was partly based on our estimate that the whole deal went smoothly.

The Asphalt Associates experts gave the tenant the bid for the parking lot. The tenant said that the owner had recommended our services highly, so he told us that he wanted us to do the job. The Asphalt Associates team arrived at the Minneapolis location and started on the parking lot paving and within the week the parking lot paving was done and ready for tons of customers. The customer wasn’t around when the team finished, but called the office a day later to thank the Asphalt Associates team for doing an amazing job. He said that Asphalt Associates provided him with the asphalt paving Minneapolis can trust. We were pleased that we could assist this new business with the parking lot that he needed and deserved. Asphalt Associates understands that a nice parking lot is the first impression for any business, so we always go that extra mile to provide that for all of our customers.

Startup Requires Our Minneapolis Parking Lot Paving Services

Not too long ago, Asphalt Associates was contacted by a new brewery in Minneapolis. The new brewery was looking to open a taproom in Minneapolis and part of their proposal involved obtaining an estimate for the Minneapolis parking lot paving that would be required. The owner let us know that we were not going to be the only asphalt company that was going to be submitting an estimate and the owner wanted to have an in-depth proposal, because it had to be approved by his investors.

A couple of the experts from our Asphalt Associates team arrived at the brewery, and they looked over the parking lot. We wrote up the estimate and gave it to the owner. We let him know that his parking lot was in pretty good shape and there was an area in the lot that started showing signs of repairs needed, because cracks were visible. A week later the brewery owner contacted us and he told us that our estimate had been the most comprehensive, and that our services were very competitively priced. He said he wanted to hire Minneapolis parking lot paving specialists, and Asphalt Associates looked to be that company. He scheduled us to do the project and we were able to provide the results that he was looking for with his lot. The customer can now open his taproom and never have to worry about the constant traffic that the parking lot would receive, because Asphalt Associates provided him with the best parking lot paving Minneapolis beer lovers would appreciate.

Carpenter’s Project Needs Minneapolis Asphalt Paving

Asphalt Associates received a call from a carpenter in Minneapolis. The carpenter flipped houses on occasion when he saw a good opportunity. He was about to complete a home remodel when he realized the driveway needed quality Minneapolis asphalt paving. He called Asphalt Associates, who met with the carpenter to give him an estimate on his asphalt paving.

The crew went to the home in Minneapolis where the customer was waiting. He showed us the driveway that he wanted to have paved. The crew looked over the driveway and let him know that the driveway was in good shape and would be a great candidate for the repaving. We gave him the estimate and asked us to have the project done on the date he requested, so the crew returned the following day to get started. The crew worked endlessly until they finished the asphalt paving. Asphalt Associates was able to complete the project in a timeframe that didn’t hold up the house from being listed, which was very vital to the customer. We were proud of doing a greta job. The customer called the office a few weeks later just to let us know that the house sold quicker than any house he had ever listed before and he thinks it was all due to the work that Asphalt Associates had provided for him. He said Asphalt Associates is the asphalt paving experts Minneapolis house flippers can count on to get the job done on time and on budget.

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