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The weather that Minnesota receives can drastically affect parking lots. The freeze and thaw that occurs can cause cracks and damage to parking lots. Business owners need their parking lots to be free of damage, and look appealing, because the first impression of a business is the parking lot. We are the Roseville asphalt contractor that keeps parking lots appealing, safe, and functional. Our company is a family owned and operated business with nearly thirty years of experience. All of our asphalt associates are trained, qualified, and licensed. We thrive on providing superior asphalt services.

Parking Lot Paving and Repair Services Offered

We provide business owners with a wide range of parking lot services, which include:

  • New Construction
  • Parking Lot Maintenance
  • Asphalt Repair
  • Asphalt Maintenance
  • Parking Lot Repair
  • Overlay
  • Skin Patching
  • Surface Patching
  • Mill Patching
  • Infrared
  • Sealcoating and Sealing
  • Striping
  • Emergency Asphalt Services

We offer emergency asphalt services for those times when you have an emergency on your parking lot, and don’t have time to wait around. Our crew can be at your business within an hour. We pride ourselves on honesty, reliability, and attention to details.

Parking Lot Sealing and UltraSeal

We have a few options in parking lot sealing services for local businesses. The parking lot sealing services include:

  • UltraSeal Sealcoating
  • Hot Pour Crack Sealing
  • Infrared

Our asphalt paving company offers an exclusive, and outstanding sealcoating called UltraSeal Sealcoating. The UltraSeal Sealcoating is done only by us, which provides strength, durability, and longer life to the pavement. The UltraSeal Sealcoating is slip resistant, which adds safety to any parking lot, and the UltraSeal Sealcoating is environmentally friendly.

Roseville, Minnesota

Roseville Asphalt Company doing all the asphalt paving is Asphalt AssociatesRoseville, Minnesota has a population of 33,660, and was incorporated in 1948. Roseville is adjacent to Saint Paul, Minnesota. Roseville was first home to the Dakota and Ojibway Indians, but left in 1862 when the first white settlers arrived in 1843. The town was named after Isaac Rose, who was one of the first white settlers.

The John Rose Oval is located in Roseville. The John Rose Oval is the largest outdoor artificial sheet of ice in North America. The Harriet Alexander Nature Center (HANC) is a fifty two acre forest and park. Visitors can walk on the boardwalk and see nature at its finest. You can see songbirds, rabbits, turtles, and other wonderful scenery. Another great outdoor activity is going to the Muriel Sahlin Arboretum, which is located at the Central Park. The Muriel Sahlin Arboretum is eight acres that have gardens, water fountains, and beautiful architectural statues that everyone must see.

Shopping is a favorite pastime in Roseville. The Rosedale Center has some of the best shopping in the city. Charming and locally owned shops are located here, and you will find items that are made by the locals.

Asphalt Associates is the parking lot service provider for Rosedale, Minnesota businesses. We have nearly three decades of dedicated asphalt experience that allows us to be the best in the industry. We can repair, replace, and maintain your parking lot. Contact Asphalt Associates for all your parking lot needs.

Roseville Parking Lot Maintenance Completed Right on Time

We received an urgent call from an office building owner. The office building owner called us for parking lot maintenance in Roseville after one of the employees had gotten a flat tire from one of the potholes that was in the lot. We let the customer know that we would take care of this problem for him, so he doesn’t have this problem occur again.

The Asphalt Associates crew arrived at the location and the crew started filling the potholes. Once the potholes were filled, then the crew repaired several cracks that were present too. The final step that was adding sealcoating to the lot. Asphalt Associates repaired the parking lot, and all of the employees seemed happy to see that the repairs were being handled. We contacted our customer to let him know that the parking lot repairs were completed. The customer thanked us several times over. He said that when he received the call about the flat tire from an employee it wasn’t a good thought, because instead of him paying for a tire he could have been responsible for paying for a serious injury. The customer said he knew right that minute that he was calling Asphalt Associates for quality parking lot maintenance Roseville commuters would appreciate. The customer said he will never let this happen again, because he will have Asphalt Associates provide him with Roseville parking lot maintenance regularly, and by doing this the parking lot would be in safe and durable shape.

Roseville Asphalt Company Serves Local Crafstman

A clock repair shop owner was getting lots of antique jobs lately and had some extra revenue to pave the gravel parking lot. It had been a priority for a while after moving spaces a few years ago. The owner had been wanting to have the gravel parking lot paved, but couldn’t quite come up with the extra funds for the asphalt project until recently, so he needed a bid from a quality Roseville asphalt company, and our team at Asphalt Associates was able to provide a comprehensive estimate.

The team at Asphalt Associates gave the clock repair shop owner an estimate that he was truly impressed with and hired our company to start the paving project. The team arrived at the shop and started the paving process. By the end of the week the team had the parking lot completely paved. The owner and his wife said they couldn’t get over the transformation that the paving done for their store. They said if they knew that it was this affordable, then they would have had the paving done sooner. The wife said she was glad her husband found a trustworthy and honest asphalt company that all businesses owners in Roseville could depend on for the best asphalt services available, which was Asphalt Associates. The crew members was flattered by the kind words the customer’s had said about the work that they all performed. The crew members let the customers know that if they needed us anytime in the future to just give Asphalt Associates a call and we would be right out.

Roseville Asphalt Contractor Fixes Office Pothole

Asphalt Associates was contacted by a Roseville office suite building manager. The manager noticed a large pothole near the back entrance of the parking lot. He notified the company that owned the property and they authorized him to call the best asphalt contractor in Roseville, which was Asphalt Associates, and they were not disappointed with the services that Asphalt Associates provided for them.

The team arrived at the location and the manager met us. He showed us where the large pothole was located at. The manager said that we had to make sure that we didn’t interrupt the office employees and customers entering the location, because it is important that the business runs like usual. We let him know that we would be able to repair the asphalt and not interrupt any business. The team started filling and patching the pothole and by the end of the day the parking lot was back to normal and was safe for all types of traffic. The manager thanked us for doing the job so quickly and affordably, because he was trying to impress the property owners, so he could get a promotion. A few weeks later we actually heard from the property owners. They just wanted to thank us for providing them with quality services and so quickly too. They said that Asphalt Associates is the asphalt contractor Roseville businesses can trust and rely on. They also said that they would indeed use our services on other properties that they owned, because they could depend on our services.

Roseville Asphalt Patching Ensures Productivity

A warehouse manager needed asphalt patching in Roseville for his loading dock so as to ensure seamless operations. A few of the truck drivers had been complaining that the loading dock needed to be repaired, because they didn’t want to damage their trucks when they backed up to the loading dock. The manager choose Asphalt Associates for the job, and was relived at how quickly and effectively they worked.

The team of Asphalt Associates showed up on Saturday to do the asphalt patching, because the warehouse didn’t accept any deliveries or load any trucks on the weekend. The team knew that they only had two days to get the loading dock patched and repaired so business could resume as usual come Monday morning. The team began clearing and cleaning off the asphalt surface, then started the asphalt patching. They returned the following day to do finishing touches. The manager owner arrived bright and early to the warehouse and immediately went to check out the loading dock. He was impressed with the work that our company had provided for him. A few weeks later he said it seems that day-to-day operations were actually running more smoothly now, and he praised by his bosses for the excellent decision making ability for hiring the best asphalt patching Roseville businesses could count on for quality work. The manager said that Asphalt Associates was the only asphalt company that they would call in the future for any of their asphalt work.

Smoother Spa Days with Roseville Sealcoating

A Roseville nail salon owner was starting to get worried about their parking lot. She noticed that the finish on their asphalt parking lot was starting to look drab and cracks were starting to form, so she called the strip mall owner who also was worried about it as well. She expressed that she didn’t want any of her client’s manicures and pedicures to be ruined due to the parking lot. No one should trip and fall when exiting a spa, even in heels! She was afraid that she would start losing clients due to this reason alone. He told her to call Asphalt Associates to do sealcoating in Roseville. Asphalt Associates is who he always contacted for all their asphalt needs.

Our crew arrived at the parking lot and filled in the cracks, then applied sealcoating. We use the latest and best sealcoating equipment, so we can provide our customers with the highest quality of sealcoating Roseville can appreciate.  Our crew made sure that we didn’t disturb the customers who were visiting the nail salon. We had the entire parking lot sealcoating finished within two days, and the parking lot is safe for all customers. The salon is not worried about their clients damaging expensive footwear or messing up their manicures that they just had done, because Asphalt Associates always does great work. Businesses can contact Asphalt Associates for all the sealcoating and repairs. Call us today to discuss your next asphalt, parking lot, or paving project.

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