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To increase sales, business owners know that having a parking lot that is attractive, safe, and maintained is important. Business owners call on us for all their parking lot pavingneeds. Our company provides solutions for parking lot repairs, paving, and sealcoating. We thrive on providing innovative solutions for each asphalt project. We are dedicated to details as an St. Paul asphalt contractor. We are your one-stop resource for all parking lot projects.

Parking Lot Repair Services Offered

St. Paul Asphalt AssociatesOur parking lot paving and repair services include:

We can double and triple the life of your parking lot with our parking lot paving and repair services. Parking lots are a big investment, and our parking lot paving and repair services are affordable. We offer affordable options that will keep your parking lot functional, safe, and attractive.

Parking Lot Sealing and UltraSeal

Is your parking lot looking worn out? If it is, then Asphalt Associates has a plan for you. We offer a variety of parking lot sealing services that will make your parking lot look new again. Our parking lot sealing services include:

  • Parking lot Sealcoating
  • Crack Sealing
  • UltraSeal Sealcoating
  • Hot Pour Sealing
  • And much more…

We take the time to offer our commercial customers an efficient plan that will renew your parking lot, and make it safer too. Our parking lot sealing services can be done around you. Our crew will not disrupt your business.

St. Paul, Minnesota

St. Paul is the capital of Minnesota, and has a population of 290,770, which makes St. Paul the second most populous city in the entire state. It was incorporated in 1854. The Saint Paul Winter Carnival started in 1886, and continues to this day. Over 350,000 visitors come to the carnival to see the ice sculpting events, ice palaces, and a treasure hunt. St. Paul is also home to The Como Zoo and Conservatory. The Como Zoo and Conservatory was first opened in 1897, and is open year round for visitors.

Charles M. Schulz, the creator of Peanuts was born in St. Paul. A bronze statue of Schroeder and Lucy is located in downtown St. Paul. Downtown St. Paul also is has the Minnesota Museum of American Art. The museum has over 3,500 American artists’ objects, which include sculptures, paintings, and artifacts. If you are visiting downtown, then you can also go to the Science Museum of Minnesota. The Science Museum of Minnesota is located a block from the Minnesota Museum of American Art. Visitors can go to both museums, then have a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants located downtown.

Asphalt Associates has had a big presence in St. Paul, Minnesota. We have been the asphalt provider for all commercial parking lots and asphalt. We have been dedicated in providing superior asphalt services to all our customers. If you need any asphalt services, then don’t hesitate to call the asphalt leaders, Asphalt Associates.

St. Paul Commercial Paving Posts

Here at Asphalt Associates we believe in showing our customers the work that we do. Check back to this page to see updated Commercial Asphalt work that we’ve done in St. Paul.