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Minnetonka Repair/Striping Service Revives Parking Lot

My parking lot in Minnetonka had some major damages that evolved over the years. I’d be lying if I told you I knew exactly who to call, or that I favored a certain company; at least up until now. My parking lot receives a lot of traffic with people coming in and out, so I was dreading the service. I knew I would get many complaints and my sales were at risk if people were going to avoid the mess altogether and go to our competitor.

However, I also knew deteriorating asphalt is not something that can always be put on hold. It needs to be fixed as soon as possible, or someone  could get injured. I decided to get it over with. One of my friends, who is also a business owner, had recently gotten his asphalt repaired, so without doing research I gave them a call. I knew my friend wouldn’t recommend a service unless it met his expectations.

I gave the company, Asphalt Associates,  a call. While going over the process, they said they could work around my schedule because they, too, want this to be a seamless process. They came to my property the following week and gave my parking lot a nice makeover with patch work, a seal coat and new striping. My parking lot dazzled. Not to mention, this was all done in sections, so it didn’t interfere with our customers. I am a happy camper now. If anyone asks me for a referral, you will be the company I mention every time. Thanks for making this easier than I was expecting!

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Asphalt Repair and Re-striping for Litchfield Parking Lot

I have been getting my asphalt maintained in Litchfield, MN for years, so this was just another year for me. I had some deteriorated asphalt all throughout my business’ parking lot that needed immediate attention. With broken asphalt in areas, I didn’t want to risk the safety of anyone who came into contact with it. We had a big event scheduled a few weeks out, so I needed to take care of this as soon as possible. I had been going to the same company for years, but they were unavailable within the time slot I requested. I called around and remembered my client mentioning how he had a great experience with Asphalt Associates. I decided to give them a call and luckily, they were available! We scheduled an estimate and appointment shortly after.

They came out for the repairs, patched up all damaged areas that had become deteriorated and then seal coated the entire parking lot with re-striping to complete everything.

I have had this service before and each time I am equally as thrilled with the service, but this time was different. The entire experience was incomparable to the previous services I received from other companies. The workers were what made the difference. They were very accommodating by working around my schedule and the parking space available for the employees. They were caring and always had a ‘can-do’ attitude. The teamwork was effective because they completed the jobs within the timeframe I was hoping for and were always fluent.

I will definitely be calling Asphalt Associates next time I need this service done. Thank you!

Parking Lot Maintenance & Striping in New Richmond, WI

We had a customer in New Richmond, WI,  who had a parking lot that was filled with potholes and crack. They needed to be repaired as soon as possible because someone was sure to trip on the deteriorating asphalt. Our customer came in contact with us and we scheduled a day for the service.

Once we arrived at the property, we made a list of services that needed to be done. We began with  doing infrared patching, crack fill and also applied a seal coat to the parking lot. We had a few different crews who worked on this service, so we could get it all done in a timely manner.

When we were done, there was a dramatic difference! After all of the repairs were made, and the lot was sealed, we striped it for the final touches. Our customer said he was very happy with the outcome. He was relieved his parking lot was now safe!

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A Hazardous Asphalt Parking Lot Repaired in Edina

Our customer in Edina called us to fix the old asphalt in their parking lot. The potholes and cracks were creating a safety hazard for the customers and it needed to be done as soon as possible. Our customer said they needed us to come out to give an estimate as soon as possible. After they agreed, we removed and replaced the deteriorating asphalt and installed class 5 base material and grade for proper drainage. We compacted the material to the proper density and installed MNDOT Spec asphalt, then rolled that to proper compaction. Once this was done, we restriped the parking lot. We worked around with his schedules to get this job completed in a timely manner.

Our customer told us he was happy with the final result. He said we were a crew that was easy to work with and that the parking lot looks really nice! Click here to view a complete list of our Edina asphalt services.

Edina asphalt parking lot Edina asphalt parking lot

Upkeep of River Falls Parking Lot Prevents Deterioration

We had a customer in River Falls give us a call, asking about our parking lot services. He had multiple parking lots that desperately needed patch work, crack sealing and a sealcoating after years of neglect. He was unfamiliar with what exactly needed to be done, he just knew that the appearance was unpleasant and it was time to get it fixed. He needed maintenance work done, which varied with the different lots. We came out to the property and after going through the different services that we felt needed to be done, along with a price of each, we gave him our final bid. We told him that the services would extend the lifetime of the parking lots and prevent them from needing a complete replacement in the near future. He agreed and we scheduled an appointment. We decided to break the job into a few phases, so we wouldn’t interfere with the day to day operations of the business. Our crew came out and got to work. Once the lots were repaired and sealed, we finished the job with striping. The results were great! The deep black asphalt and bright striping  added instant curb appeal for the business. Our customer said he was happy he called us because the results were just what he was hoping for!

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River Falls Parking Lot Repair River Falls Parking Lot Repair River Falls Parking Lot Repair

Inver Grove Heights Infrared Patch Work Fixes Potholes

In Inver Grove Heights, our customer had a safety issue for people walking in the parking lots and vehicles getting damaged by the deep potholes that were scattered around multiple parking lots. It needed patching work, which would make a big improvement and increased safety. We came out with our infrared equipment and did 10 different patching in the parking lots. We were able to complete the job in a very timely manner. Our customer said that he was very surprised we got them on the schedule in such a short time and was impressed with the process rot he infrared equipment. He said, “the work crews did a very nice job out there and were friendly and easy to work with!”

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River Falls Parking Lot Maintenance Work Lengthens Lifetime and Looks Great!

In River Falls,  our customer called about his parking lot that he needed maintained and up-kept, so the parking lots will not deteriorate as fast and have to be replaced. We did some up-keeping with multiple lots, infrared patching, crack sealing and seal coated the parking lots. Our customer liked it when we could do their job in a couple of phases, that way they could still use part of their parking lots. They liked our scheduling; it worked with them, so it wasn’t such a headache for them regarding parking. The parking lots looked really nice and clean! All of the repairs were done on a timely basis and the seal coat was done and complete in two phases. They were happy that we could work with them.

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