Columbia Heights Asphalt Contractor Provides Professional Bid

A company was considering building a concrete parking ramp in Columbia Heights. They wanted the parking ramp to divert traffic on certain event days, which would help decrease any traffic jams in their parking lot. They contacted the most skilled asphalt contractor Columbia Heights was serviced by, and got a bid from Asphalt Associates. The Asphalt Associates specialists arrived at the location to give the customer an actual bid on the parking ramp. He was pleased with the bid, but the company did not end up making the parking lot ramp, but they were so impressed with our bid that they did choose Asphalt Associates for a number of other jobs in the surrounding areas including parking lot repair and asphalt patching. We were pleased that the company owner selected Asphalt Associates to do their asphalt projects, and he must have been happy with our work, because we have been the contacted several times since then.

The Asphalt Associates crew always displayed professionalism, knowledge, and was very courteous at each job location, which was important for the customer. He has been using Asphalt Associates as his asphalt contractor, because we are the asphalt contractor Columbia Heights businesses contact for all their parking lot repairs, installations, sealcoating, and asphalt patching. We back all of our work with a customer satisfaction guarantee, and we stand behind our motto, ‘Dedicated to Details’, because each detail matters to us, because we thrive on pleasing each and every one of our customers.