Commercial Client Needs Urgent Oakdale Asphalt Paving

A commercial real estate company had just expanded their operations to the point where their parking lot was getting very full due to several new hires. Before they started to reach capacity, they called Asphalt Associates to do Oakdale asphalt paving on their expanded lot.

We met with the owners of the real estate company. We never like to give an estimate over the phone before we can provide a full assessment of the asphalt. The Asphalt Associates experts inspected the parking lot and determined that it was a good candidate for paving. The one concern the owners had were the days that we could do the paving, because they needed the parking lot for all of their staff members. We let them know that we could start Friday afternoon and have it done before Monday morning, so they scheduled us to start this Friday. The crew arrived on Friday and started the paving. The crew returned Saturday and Sunday, so the parking lot would be done before Monday morning, and it was. We didn’t hear back from the customer for several weeks, then they called to thank us for doing a great job. The owners said they had been so busy that they didn’t have the time to call us, but they didn’t want us to think that our exceptional work didn’t go unnoticed. The owners are happy that they called Asphalt Associates for quality Oakdale asphalt paving that all business owners can depend upon.