Drive Thru Needs Asphalt Repair in Minneapolis

Recently Asphalt Associates was contacted by a fast food restaurant owner in Minneapolis. The fast food restaurant is a customer that we had serviced for previously for Minneapolis asphalt repairs. The customer explained that the reason he was calling us back so soon was because there was an accident in their drive through, and several dangerous cracks had formed that he was concerned with. He asked if we could come out ASAP to give him an estimate. We provided him an estimate, then did the sealing in a single day so as not to interrupt the business.
The customer said the estimate was fine and he said he already knew the type of work that we provided, but his main concern was could we do the repairs quickly because he couldn’t afford closing (even for a day!). The Asphalt Associates crew let him know that would be no problem and returned the following morning and started getting the drive thru prepped for sealcoating. The crew first filled the extensive cracks, then applied the sealcoating. We wrapped up the asphalt repair in Minneapolis that afternoon. The customer thanked the crew as they were packing the equipment up for doing another great job for him. He said he would contact us again, but hopefully not too soon to do any more quality Minneapolis asphalt repairs for his fast food business. The customer must have been very happy, because he to,d us he would be using our services again in the future.