The Asphalt Audit

Pavement may not be your expertise, however, you want to manage that asset to the maximum benefit. That is why companies use a service we call, ‘The Asphalt Audit.’ When Asphalt Associates performs an Asphalt Audit, we divide the hard surface areas into multiple sections and then evaluate each section with three main priorities:

    1. Is it safe? Managing liability risk is very important. When you have documentation of regular pavement and concrete audits, it demonstrates that you take safety seriously. If you are so unfortunate as to face a false liability claim for a trip-and-fall, being able to prove your diligence in inspecting your facilities for safety and quickly remediating problems reflects well on you and your companies position in defending against liability claims
    2. Is It Structurally Sound? If the foundation of your pavement is soggy, it causes pavement “give” beyond its design. This may result in the development of small cracks that turn into large cracks, and loosens the aggregate in your pavement so that it begins to separate from the asphalt binder. That’s when soft spots, ruts and heaving may begin to appear. This is the development stage to potholes development. Loose gravel may appear on the surface of the asphalt and you may even experience hydrostatic pumping of the base and sub-base below.During our Asphalt Audit we look for early evidence of asphalt fissures so those cracks can be treated and prevent water and debris from infiltrating and compromising the functionality of your pavement surface. We also search for pre-failure areas to determine the best remedy for a less costly repair today, rather than waiting for total pavement failure. Pavement maintenance provides safer surfaces.
    3. Does it Look Good? We believe your parking lot shouldn’t be noticed. It should quietly serve your company, tenants and guests. Pavement is the “Welcome Mat” to your property. If it isn’t cracked, is well sealed and has bright striping, it creates that great first impression for company.  While safety and soundness are the purpose of your repairs and maintenance, we’ll also be suggesting how we can maintain your pavement in a way that makes your property or facility as attractive as possible for you customers, tenants and their guests.