Lunch & Learn

Some Contractors prefer clients know nothing about paving, so the contractor can do whatever they want. Not Asphalt Associates! We love it when our clients want to learn, and tell us they, too are “Dedicated to Details.”

We believe clear education, and training, are the best options when it comes to helping our customers learn more about products, and appropriate methods for specific paving and maintenance projects. We’ve designed a Lunch and Learn Series to answer all questions about paving, and pavement maintenance, regardless of your level of expertise. We’ll even discuss the best ways to establish a paving maintenance budget, and a budget for long-term maintenance plans that will help you better allocate proper reserves for all of your properties.

As a bonus, we’ll even bring you a FREE LUNCH, valuable resources (like our PASER manual for rating asphalt, product photographs and samples), and straight talk about paving from people who know their stuff. When we finish (which is up to you), we’ll be happy to conduct an on-site analysis of your property and follow-up with short and long range plans designed to fit your needs.

Ready to learn more?

Please complete all information below (or call us at 651.735.5454) and arrange your personal Lunch and Learn. For those of you with boards, or committees, that prefer evening hours, no problem—simply let us know the most convenient time and we’ll adjust our schedules accordingly.

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