PASER Program


Where do you stand on a ten point scale? With the PASER system, we can rate your paving and make informed treatment recommendations. The system was developed by The University of Wisconsin Transportation Information Center and is an excellent visual inspection tool for evaluating the condition of all pavements from highways to parking lots to paths.

PASER Manual

The PASER Manual, which stands for Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating is a visual method of surveying roads developed by the University of Wisconsin Transportation Information Center. The system is easy to use and can be applied to private sector roads and parking lots as well.

The PASER Systems uses a scale of ten to one to rate the pavement condition. It breaks the maintenance down into three basic categories, each with specific recommendations. Every pavement is unique and requires an assessment by a professional sales engineer however, this free tool can assist novices in understanding the underlying causes and remedies for pavement.

The PASER Manual is a free PDF download.