Local Business Renovation Needs Top Minneapolis Asphalt Company

A bowling alley in our area was renovating and adding a bar. They had a large investment and decided they needed services from the best asphalt company in Minneapolis to improve their parking lot, so they called Asphalt Associates to provide an estimate. We met with the owners and looked over their current parking lot. We gave them several different options for the owners, which included patching, an overlay, and a hot-pour crack sealing. We explained what each service would provide for them and gave them a bid for each one. The owners decided that they wanted to have the hot pour crack sealing done because one of the main problems in the parking lot was a ton of cracks, and the price we gave them was within their budget.

The Asphalt Associates crew arrived at the Minneapolis bowling alley and started the asphalt work. We used a special machine that cleans the cracks and pavements along with routs the asphalt. The machine will remove all dirt and debris, then we apply a mixture of hot pour crack sealant that will effectively seal all the cracks so moisture and water will not be able to enter anymore. The crew returned the next day to apply sealcoating, then the parking lot looked like we had just installed a new one for the customers. The customers were in awe when they saw the parking lot. They both said that Asphalt Associates did an excellent job repairing the parking lot and making it look brand new.