Minnetonka Parking Lot & Driveway Seal Job Well Done!

In Minnetonka, our customer called to have all of their cracks filled and sealed in their parking lot and driveway. Doing this prevents water from getting down under the asphalt and start to deteriorate it. By keeping up with the regular maintenance, your parking lot and driveway will last longer. We came out to their property and routed all of the cracks in the parking lot area and driveways. We then sealed it with hot rubber, followed by seal coating the parking lot area and all of the driveways. Once this was all completed, we striped the parking areas. When we were done, our customer was happy with the outcome of all the driveways and parking lot. We have maintained this property for many years, and our recent job made it look brand new again! We asked our customer what they thought of our work before we left and they said, “Thanks for a job well done. We enjoy working with your crew!”

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