New Brighton Parking Lot Paving for a Great Boutique

Asphalt Associates was contacted by a clothing retailer. The clothing retailer was looking for quick parking lot paving in New Brighton. The storefront was getting a facelift with some new window signage, but they quickly realized the place would look really dumpy if the parking lot wasn’t improved. The owner thought it was silly to remodel the building’s face only to leave the parking lot in a state of disarray. It just didn’t make sense, so she was right in calling Asphalt Associates, the provider of parking lot paving New Brighton businesses contact for quality services.

The Asphalt Associates experts arrived at the location, and started getting the parking lot ready for the paving. We wanted to make sure that the parking lot was thoroughly cleaned and any repairs made before we started the paving. Once the crew had these steps done, then we started paving the parking lot. We made sure that we didn’t interrupt or interfere with any of the customer’s entering the clothing store. When we finished we let the customer know that her parking lot was all done, and looking great. She came out, and said that it looked wonderful, and matched the other improvements that she had done to her business. She contacted Asphalt Associates a month later to tell us that her business couldn’t be better, thanks to the work that we provided her. She said she is thrilled that she had selected the parking lot paving specialists New Brighton customers would appreciate.