Overlay in North St. Paul Needed for Healthcare Provider

The knowledgeable staff here at Asphalt Associates received a call from a health clinic in North St. Paul. The health clinic director stated that the health clinic in North St. Paul was needing its paving redone, so that the handicapped patients could exit safely. They contacted the most trusted company providing North St. Paul overlay, which was Asphalt Associates. The staff let the director know that a few of our experienced crewmembers would come by the clinic and inspect the paving and give him an estimate.

The crew with Asphalt Associates met with the director and the crew examined the parking lot paving. The crew agreed that paving the pavement would drastically improve the pavement and it would be cost effective for the health clinic. We gave him the estimate and he agreed and hired us on the spot. The Asphalt Associates crew arrived on the day that the customer requested and the crew started the overlay project. Our crew made sure not to interrupt patients leaving and entering the clinic. The crew got the overlay project done a few days ahead of schedule. The customer contacted the office a week later to thank our crew for doing such an amazing job. He said the crewmembers conducted themselves in a highly professional manner, which he respected. He said he is glad he contacted Asphalt Associates for the best overlay North St. Paul patients would depend upon for safety at the health clinic in North St. Paul.