Overlay in White Bear Lake Keeps Car Business Running

Recently, Asphalt Associates was contacted for a White Bear Lake overlay job by an owner of a used car dealership. The car dealership owner wanted to have some work done on his parking lot. The parking lot was in desperate need of asphalt work done. The owner knew that if he didn’t do something soon that he was not only jeopardizing his business, but risking his vehicles getting damaged. He contacted Asphalt Associates to see what options he would have for repairing his damaged parking lot.

The Asphalt Associates team met with the owner and we walked through the parking lot to inspect the asphalt. The customer let us know that he was working with a tight budget and we suggested an overlay for his parking lot. The overlay would be a new asphalt layer over his existing asphalt, which would provide stability, durability, and curb appeal. The customer agreed, but each car would have to be moved. Even though it took them a long time to move each car off the lot temporarily, they were able to work with Asphalt Associates to receive the paving services they sorely needed. Asphalt Associates was able to get the asphalt work done for the customer in a timely manner and the customer and his employees moved all the vehicles back to the parking lot. The customer was highly impressed that we were able to accommodate his needs.  Asphalt Associates provided the overlay White Bear Lake car buyers could appreciate. The dealership parking lot is now attractive and safe.