Parking Lot Maintenance Keeps Hudson Going

Recently, a café owner needed to contact the company that provides the parking lot maintenance Hudson can rely and depend upon. Naturally, he called Asphalt Associates. The café’s parking lot started developing potholes and cracks, which was not only unattractive to the café, but the owner was worried about the customer’s safety. The café was known for their outstanding lunch service. Many of the professionals would come to the café for lunch because the food was great and the service was fast. The café owner didn’t want the working professionals in the area to stop visiting his establishment due to the parking lot’s poor condition, so he wanted Asphalt Associates to give him an estimate on repairing it.

One of our professional asphalt consultants evaluated the parking lot, and determined that the parking lot could have the cracks filled and the potholes patched. The repair on the parking lot could be done quickly, and not interrupt the business. The asphalt consultants gave the estimate to the café owner and he was relieved that the estimate was much lower than he expected. The asphalt team arrived in the evening when the business was closing and started the asphalt repairs. In just a few hours the repairs were made and the parking lot was finished.

Asphalt Associates contacted the owner to let him know that his parking lot repairs were done, and we could provide him with parking lot maintenance in the future so he wouldn’t have to worry about his parking lot getting in bad shape again. The café owner was thrilled with the parking lot repairs and said his customers could come and go quickly during their rush hour, which was important to him.