Parking Lot Maintenance & Striping in New Richmond, WI

We had a customer in New Richmond, WI,  who had a parking lot that was filled with potholes and crack. They needed to be repaired as soon as possible because someone was sure to trip on the deteriorating asphalt. Our customer came in contact with us and we scheduled a day for the service.

Once we arrived at the property, we made a list of services that needed to be done. We began with  doing infrared patching, crack fill and also applied a seal coat to the parking lot. We had a few different crews who worked on this service, so we could get it all done in a timely manner.

When we were done, there was a dramatic difference! After all of the repairs were made, and the lot was sealed, we striped it for the final touches. Our customer said he was very happy with the outcome. He was relieved his parking lot was now safe!

You can learn more about our asphalt maintenance services in New Richmond, WI, here!