Plows to Operate Seamlessly Thanks to Parking Lot Repair in North St. Paul

Asphalt Associates received a call from a North St. Paul snowplow service a few weeks back. The North St. Paul snowplow service owner was getting ready to begin maintenance on all his trucks to get them ready for the winter months when he noticed his parking lot would need to have some work done before the upcoming season. All of the salt and chemicals brought in by the big trucks always seemed to cause problems with the asphalt, so before these areas became a big, expensive problem he called Asphalt Associates for parking lot repair in North St. Paul.

A couple of the Asphalt Associates technicians went out to look over the parking lot, and let the customer know that we could repair the parking lot and have it in great shape. He hired us for the parking lot repairs, and the following week the Asphalt Associates crew arrived to begin the repairs. We took care of the small lot in just two days, and had it in top notch shape quickly and easily. The owner can focus on maintaining his equipment and trucks now, and he doesn’t have to worry about his parking lot staying durable and strong thanks to the stellar job Asphalt Associated did with this parking lot repair in North St. Paul. Asphalt Associates understands maintenance, because we know that having parking lots thoroughly maintained will extend the life of the asphalt surface greatly.