Roseville Asphalt Contractor Fixes Office Pothole

Asphalt Associates was contacted by a Roseville office suite building manager. The manager noticed a large pothole near the back entrance of the parking lot. He notified the company that owned the property and they authorized him to call the best asphalt contractor in Roseville, which was Asphalt Associates, and they were not disappointed with the services that Asphalt Associates provided for them.

The team arrived at the location and the manager met us. He showed us where the large pothole was located at. The manager said that we had to make sure that we didn’t interrupt the office employees and customers entering the location, because it is important that the business runs like usual. We let him know that we would be able to repair the asphalt and not interrupt any business. The team started filling and patching the pothole and by the end of the day the parking lot was back to normal and was safe for all types of traffic. The manager thanked us for doing the job so quickly and affordably, because he was trying to impress the property owners, so he could get a promotion. A few weeks later we actually heard from the property owners. They just wanted to thank us for providing them with quality services and so quickly too. They said that Asphalt Associates is the asphalt contractor Roseville businesses can trust and rely on. They also said that they would indeed use our services on other properties that they owned, because they could depend on our services.