Roseville Parking Lot Maintenance Completed Right on Time

We received an urgent call from an office building owner. The office building owner called us for parking lot maintenance in Roseville after one of the employees had gotten a flat tire from one of the potholes that was in the lot. We let the customer know that we would take care of this problem for him, so he doesn’t have this problem occur again.

The Asphalt Associates crew arrived at the location and the crew started filling the potholes. Once the potholes were filled, then the crew repaired several cracks that were present too. The final step that was adding sealcoating to the lot. Asphalt Associates repaired the parking lot, and all of the employees seemed happy to see that the repairs were being handled. We contacted our customer to let him know that the parking lot repairs were completed. The customer thanked us several times over. He said that when he received the call about the flat tire from an employee it wasn’t a good thought, because instead of him paying for a tire he could have been responsible for paying for a serious injury. The customer said he knew right that minute that he was calling Asphalt Associates for quality parking lot maintenance Roseville commuters would appreciate. The customer said he will never let this happen again, because he will have Asphalt Associates provide him with Roseville parking lot maintenance regularly, and by doing this the parking lot would be in safe and durable shape.