Sealcoating in Minneapolis is a service that we specialize in and offer. Asphalt Associates offers asphalt sealcoating for parking lots and driveways. Sealcoating will make your parking lot look brand new again, and will help project a positive and attractive image for everyone that comes to your property. Our sealcoating service comes with many benefits and features.

Top Ten Reasons to Sealcoat Your Parking Lot

Asphalt parking lots are made of gravel, sand, stone and asphalt cement. All of these ingredients combined together gives the asphalt pavement the black appearance, but natural elements such as rain, snow, sleet, and sun that come in contact with the asphalt pavement will eventually start to damage the asphalt. To reduce incidental damage to your asphalt parking lot you should have annual sealcoating applied. Here are the top ten reasons to sealcoat your parking lot:

  1. Makes the asphalt surface look brand new again
  2. Increases property value
  3. Prevents dangerous oxidation and erosion
  4. Prevents water and moisture from entering the asphalt
  5. Increases the overall life of the parking lot
  6. Saves money by avoiding costly future asphalt repairs
  7. Leaves a smooth surface, which makes the parking lot easier to clean
  8. Prevents cracking, chipping, and alligator webbing
  9. Makes traffic and parking lines easier to see
  10. Creates a durable surface for heavy loads

Asphalt Associates Specializes in Minneapolis Sealcoating - Pictured Here!

What is the Sealcoating Process?

What is the sealcoating process that Asphalt Associates uses for asphalt parking lots and driveways? We use the following process steps:

  1. When our team arrives at the business, we will first block off the area.
  2. The team will clean the parking lot thoroughly to remove all dirt and debris. This is an important step. The sealing will bond properly to the asphalt when the surface has been cleaned thoroughly.
  3. Any spots that have chemicals, oil or gasoline will be primed.
  4. All cracks are filled and any repairs to the asphalt will be done at this time too.
  5. Once the parking lot has been cleaned and prepped, the crew will start applying high quality sealer. The sealcoating will need to dry for approximately twelve hours.
  6. The team will return the following day to restripe any parking pavement markings and stripes.
  7. Once the parking lot has been sealed and restriped, our team will walk through and inspect the asphalt sealcoating with the customer to make sure the sealcoating has been done to your specifications and to ensure that you are satisfied with the work that we have done, then we will open the parking lot for traffic.

Asphalt Associates is known for providing exceptional customer service and exceptional work. We are the sealcoating experts that you can depend upon. You can contact us today for more information on all of our services.