Asphalt Associates Asphalt Installation

Every day, we improve on our original mission: to provide the best customer experience and the best paving jobs possible. We listen to our clients. Carefully. We give them ideas they may not have considered. We’re known for honesty, reliability and consideration of customer goals and budgets. And, as we’ve mentioned before, the job isn’t done until you’re 100% satisfied. So, rest assured, Customer Service is much more than lip service at Asphalt Associates.


New Construction:

For development work and new parking lots. Includes excavation, grading, drainage planning, aggregate base course, compaction, paving, utility location, lot striping, dirt removal (or addition); all associated services.


New asphalt layer of one to three inches over existing surface; milling of surface where necessary; cleaning, grass edging, tack applied for adhering to new surface; all associated services.


Removal and Replacement: Correcting sub-grade deficiencies; removal of part or all of the pavement and base; excavation; compaction of new base; new asphalt rolled; engineering of any incorrect sub-grade conditions.

Skin/Surface Patching:

An alternative to removal and replacement, when the underlying base is structurally sound; cleaning and application of asphalt adhesive; installation and compaction of hot mix asphalt.

Mill Patching:

Removal and replacement of deteriorated asphalt using milling machinery; correction of sub-grade deficiencies; cleaning and application of asphalt adhesive; installation and compaction of hot mix asphalt.

UltraSeal™ Sealcoating:

Exclusive UltraSeal™ sealcoating helps pavement last longer and look better. It’s slip resistant, which makes the pavement surface even safer and also protects the investment you’ve already made. UltraSeal™ is enviromentally friendly.

Hot Pour Crack Sealing:

Mechanical routing and cleaning of pavement cracks; vegetation removal; installation of hot pour crack sealant.


A seamless, thermally bonded restoration process – not a patch. Infrared asphalt recyclers warm existing asphalt in and around repair areas to more than 300 degrees Fahrenheit – the same temperature as new asphalt manufactured at the plant. The softened asphalt is scarified to mix in hot binder and hot mix asphalt, then compacted for a durable and attractive repair.


Pavement Maintenance Plans; PASER Pavement System; Drainage issues.

Decorative Paving (Asphalt and Concrete):

Includes stamped concrete and pavers – contact us to learn more.

Line Striping:

A variety of styles are available; colorfast, sharp and vibrant, and featuring the latest technology and equipment; ideal for new layouts, re-striping and ADA-compliance.


New installation and repairs.


Immediate response to safety and emergency pavement issues in parking lots and residential neighborhoods.

Traffic Control:

Includes bumper blocks, bollards and signage