Smoother Spa Days with Roseville Sealcoating

A Roseville nail salon owner was starting to get worried about their parking lot. She noticed that the finish on their asphalt parking lot was starting to look drab and cracks were starting to form, so she called the strip mall owner who also was worried about it as well. She expressed that she didn’t want any of her client’s manicures and pedicures to be ruined due to the parking lot. No one should trip and fall when exiting a spa, even in heels! She was afraid that she would start losing clients due to this reason alone. He told her to call Asphalt Associates to do sealcoating in Roseville. Asphalt Associates is who he always contacted for all their asphalt needs.

Our crew arrived at the parking lot and filled in the cracks, then applied sealcoating. We use the latest and best sealcoating equipment, so we can provide our customers with the highest quality of sealcoating Roseville can appreciate.  Our crew made sure that we didn’t disturb the customers who were visiting the nail salon. We had the entire parking lot sealcoating finished within two days, and the parking lot is safe for all customers. The salon is not worried about their clients damaging expensive footwear or messing up their manicures that they just had done, because Asphalt Associates always does great work. Businesses can contact Asphalt Associates for all the sealcoating and repairs. Call us today to discuss your next asphalt, parking lot, or paving project.