Startup Requires Our Minneapolis Parking Lot Paving Services

Not too long ago, Asphalt Associates was contacted by a new brewery in Minneapolis. The new brewery was looking to open a taproom in Minneapolis and part of their proposal involved obtaining an estimate for the Minneapolis parking lot paving that would be required. The owner let us know that we were not going to be the only asphalt company that was going to be submitting an estimate and the owner wanted to have an in-depth proposal, because it had to be approved by his investors.

A couple of the experts from our Asphalt Associates team arrived at the brewery, and they looked over the parking lot. We wrote up the estimate and gave it to the owner. We let him know that his parking lot was in pretty good shape and there was an area in the lot that started showing signs of repairs needed, because cracks were visible. A week later the brewery owner contacted us and he told us that our estimate had been the most comprehensive, and that our services were very competitively priced. He said he wanted to hire Minneapolis parking lot paving specialists, and Asphalt Associates looked to be that company. He scheduled us to do the project and we were able to provide the results that he was looking for with his lot. The customer can now open his taproom and never have to worry about the constant traffic that the parking lot would receive, because Asphalt Associates provided him with the best parking lot paving Minneapolis beer lovers would appreciate.