Stillwater Parking Lot Maintenance for Franchises is Needed

A franchise restaurant owner with several properties needed the best parking lot maintenance Stillwater had to offer. He called Asphalt Associates who assured him that we could get his parking lots ready for winter in a very short time, and definitely before the first heavy snows start to fall. The restaurant owner was thrilled with this news and asked us to get started quickly because he was fearful that winter was coming sooner than later.

The Asphalt Associates crew started the parking lot projects. They started with the first franchise, which was a new establishment so there were just a few minor repairs that needed to be made. The crew went on to the next franchise and they did this until each parking lot was in tip top shape. We called the customer to just let him know that our crew did all the parking lot maintenances on all his properties and just in time because the forecast was calling for a heavy precipitation within the next few days. The customer thanked us and said he really appreciated the quick response and quality work that Asphalt Associates crew members supplied for him. He said that he would always call Asphalt Associates for future parking lot maintenance because Stillwater residents deserve the best. He wanted to make sure that his customers had a sturdy and safe parking lot to park their vehicles on and most importantly walk across and Asphalt Associates provided that and much more.