We Provide Reliable Blaine Asphalt Repair for an Industrial Customer

Asphalt Associates was contacted by a Blaine garbage company. The garbage company was needing a better asphalt surface, because they didn’t want to put their trucks, which are their most important asset at risk of becoming damaged. The owner wanted to know if we could provide the best Blaine asphalt repair he could get, and we were able to solve their problem quickly and effectively.

The Asphalt Associates team arrived at the garbage company, and we realized the owner was right to be concerned about their parking lot. The weight and constant traffic on the parking lot had started to distress the surface. We let the owner know that we could do a skin & surface patching to the lot and it would add the strength and durability that the lot needed. The team started the skin & surface patching. Our crew applied an asphalt adhesive, then they compacted a hot mixture of asphalt. The team went through all the steps until the skin & surface patching was completed. The customer was thrilled with the repairs that we performed on his lot. He said that he was really impressed with our asphalt knowledge and problem solving, because at this time he couldn’t afford to have a new parking lot installed. We gave him different options that would make his parking lot just like new. The customer said that Asphalt Associates is the only asphalt repair company in Blaine to contact, because we understand our customer’s needs and budget.